Mormon President Tells Crowd In Africa: God Cursed You Poor Because You’re Not Paying Us Enough Money

Russell Marion Nelson Sr., president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, recently traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, to impart “the white Lord’s wisdom” upon about 2000 of God’s less fortunate dark-skinned children.

Many East African Mormons were said to have traveled hundreds of miles to hear Nelson’s message. In his speech, Nelson decried the East African Mormon tradition in which men pay a dowry bribe to his future bride’s family before marriage.

“That’s not the Lord’s way,” Nelson said. “The Lord’s way is to be married in the temple, for time and all eternity, with your children sealed to you.”

After admonishing thousands of black people about their inferior traditions, Nelson then went on to whitesplain why poverty was a spiritual issue that can only be solved through tithing to the Mormon church.

“We preach tithing to the poor people of the world because the poor people of the world have had cycles of poverty, generation after generation,” he said. “That same poverty continues from one generation to another, until people pay their tithing.”

Palaasi Charles, a loyal follower who traveled more than 16 hours to see Nelson, claimed the president’s message on tithing inspired him.

“I will share with them the importance of us having temple recommends,” he said. “That tithing is going to break the cycle of poverty, the importance of educating our children and doing away with dowry as part of our culture.”

Meanwhile, the Mormon church is looking to build a new temple in Kenya. However, Nelson claims that he’s more interested in pimping…err I mean “building” up the people.

“I don’t know how long it will take to build that temple,” Nelson said. “But let’s have a little contest: See if you can build your lives to be ready and your ancestral documentation to be ready for when the temple comes.”

Here’s an interesting video on the Mormon church’s perversely racist attitude toward black people and how they twist biblical scripture and just plain make shit up to justify their prejudices.

Over the years, American Christian Evangelicals have also gotten in on the action. For example, evangelicals have managed to infect the minds of millions of Ugandans encouraging them to hunt down and murder gay people.

Here’s a quote from an article I wrote about three years ago, titled: “White American Evangelicals Continue Infect Africa With Their Hate.”

“Blaming homosexuality for the problems of today is a fallacy; it’s based on finding a scapegoat to unite behind sacrificing. Uganda has been under assault from white evangelicals and politicians who have pushed an anti-gay agenda; their prime minister has admitted this on camera. The assault has distracted them from their real enemy, making them focus on homosexual; who have lived among their people since the beginning of time.

They beat and rape a black woman if she is believed to be a homosexual; they beat or even kill a black male.This is encouraged by white evangelical Christians and black power movements. Openly promoting this bigotry and hatred is something they can’t do in America, so they promote it in Africa.”

Here’s a short documentary on this travesty.

Now don’t think that I’m bashing Christians here. I recognize that American Christians continue to do a considerable amount of good around the world, serving the poor and helping them through many humanitarian initiatives.

However, as we can see, in many cases this aid comes at a cost, hidden by a darker agenda that these people just couldn’t get away with in America.

Featured image via YouTube.