Donald Trump To Answer Questions Under Oath In Defamation Suit

For the first time as President of the United States, Donald J. Trump is going to have to answer questions under oath.

But this doesn’t have to do with former campaign manager Paul Manafort or Russian interference.

In fact, special counsel Robert Mueller isn’t even involved.

Summer Zervos was a contestant on Trump’s former TV show The Apprentice.

She claims Trump sexually assaulted her at a Beverly Hills hotel in 2007, and then accused her and other women at a 2016 campaign rally in Pennsylvania of lying to get their “10 minutes of fame.”

Now Zervos is suing Trump for defamation.

Last Friday, Zervos’s attorney, Mariann Wang, and Trump’s attorney, Marc Kasowitz, signed a stipulation agreement stating they will exchange written answers and objections to questions by September 28.

Responses are required to be provided under oath, so if Trump lies, he will be guilty of perjury.

If we recall, it was former president Bill Clinton’s perjury charge in the Monica Lewinsky scandal that led to his impeachment in 1998.

Considering all the dirty dealings with Russia, obstruction of justice, emoluments clause violations, and talk of possible impeachment if Democrats reclaim control of Congress after November mid-term elections, it’s ironic–and poetic–that two women associated with Trump long before his campaign or presidency–adult film actor Stormy Daniels and Summer Zervos–might be the ones to bring down the president.

Image credit: Reality TV World

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