Moms Demand Action Sparks Open Carry Gun Fight At Target

Perhaps open carry aficionados have taken Target’s bright red bull’s-eye insignia a bit too seriously. Lately, they have been taking their pet semi-automatic rifles for a stroll down the aisles in several of the huge retailer discount stores, Mother Jones reports. Especially in Texas, where Open Carry Texas decided to demonstrate that open carry is in fact, legal under state law. So they did this by strolling around in a local Target store with the rifles dangling from their shoulders. Yes sir, nothing shouts “freedom” like some beer-bellied guy in a flannel shirt carrying a huge gun while you’re walking down the aisle with your two-year-old.

When members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America got wind of this they were understandably not thrilled.

So the organization, which advocates keeping the rest of us safe?against semi-automatic weapons by keeping them out of public places, uncorked the social media genie. They began sharing photos of these gents toting their beloved penis extensions, er, I mean rifles, in the stores.

Fortunately, Moms Demand Action has been successful.¬†After all, it’s easy to tell the difference between an open carry supporter dangling an AR-15 who’s exercising his constitutional right to scare the hell out of other people inside the store versus a maniacal killer hoping to practice target shooting in Target, right?

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