Watch: Ralph Shortey, Former Republican State Senator And Trump Campaign Coordinator Caught With 17 Year Old Prostitue

On Tuesday, Oklahoma authorities released video of former Trump campaign coordinator and state senator, Ralph Shortey, caught with an underage prostitute. In November, the former Republican senator pled guilty to child sex trafficking. Prior to his career’s end, Shortey conducted himself as a strong conservative on many issues: law enforcement, immigration, LGBT rights, and family values. Now, the recently released footage reminded the nation of the difference between his public facade and his actions behind closed doors.

During President Trump’s 2016 campaign, Shortey supported the future president early. He worked as a Trump campaign coordinator. He once spoke of “restoring our republic.” A photo of the disgraced senator and Donald Trump Jr. circulated social media in September.

Ralph Shortey And Donald Trump Jr.
Image By 24HOUREPORT / Via YouTube

While best known for his banning fetuses in food bill, the former senator’s voting record showed consistent conservative viewpoints. His seven-year career involved legislation targeting immigrants, gay and transgendered citizens, and increasing drug possession penalties.

Shortey supported legislation allowing business owners the right to discriminate against LGBT individuals. Despite voter opposition, he helped make possession of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school or public park a felony.

During his 2010 campaign, the former lawmaker touted “family values.”

Ralph Shortey Questioned By Police
Image By Oklahoman / Via YouTube

Within the footage, the police found Shortey with an underage male within a hotel room. The officers said they found condoms and lotion within the former senator’s backpack. In addition, officers detected the odor of marijuana, and they discovered an empty container labeled “Colorado Retail Marijuana.”

On the teen’s tablet, police saw illicit text exchanges. In them, Shortey called the 17-year-old “baby boy,” and offered to pay for “sexual stuff.” Furthermore, court documents showed charges related to the electronic exchange of videos of both young boys and girls.

Ironically, these crimes occurred within 1,000 yards of a church.

After prosecutors agreed to drop three counts of child pornography, Shortey pled guilty to child a sex trafficking charge. The charges have a minimum 10-year prison sentence, but the fallen Republican could face life in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for early 2018.

Once again, a politician failed to uphold the standards he publically proclaimed. This time, the penalty for hypocrisy carried heavy consequences.

Featured Image Via YouTube Video.