Corporate Fascism Is America’s Fascism

Is Corporate Fascism America’s Fascism?

According to Wikipedia, the term “interest group” refers to virtually any voluntary association that seeks to publicly promote and create advantages for its cause. It applies to a vast array of diverse organizations. This includes corporations, charitable organizations, civil rights groups, neighborhood associations, professional and trade associations.

It is evident today the corporations raise and provide huge amounts of money to political parties and groups and individuals running for office. In addition, these same corporations hire former government figures to lobby Congress in their interest.

Are We Allowing Corporations To Monopolize Our Government?

The founding fathers warned us of the dangers of the special interest. These special interest groups were referred to as factions. Factions are not limited to just political parties. These days, they can and frequently do from within any group that has some sort of political aim or purpose. In practice, these factions have selfish concerns that in most cases are not beneficial to the common good. The forgers of our nation, were not for the government, in general, to embrace these factions or engage in this type of behavior. Today, we are seeing this intervention running rampant in our system of things, both from domestic and international corporations.

How much influence do these factions have in today’s system of things?

The Corporate lobby and influence have been used to turn what was a 30% unionized workforce into a now 6% unionized workforce for example. We have allowed the Corporate lobby, corporate fascism, and special interest to re-calibrate the laws to favor them at the expense of the people. There has been an effective media drive to make the passive follower of these issues feel that there is a need for a lobbyist to help Congressmen understand their needs due to these Congressmen not being experts in whatever field the corporation has endeavored too.

There is this awful interpretation of the 14th amendment that proclaims corporate person-hood and that money amounts to free speech. Corporations like to proclaim they are good citizens. However, is a corporation really a citizen? Is a multi-national corporation a citizen of the United States? One thing has become self-evident, the government of the United States has become beholding more and more to these factions of special interest.

How many times have we seen politicians on the campaign trail say one thing, but when it comes time to vote go with the political lobby on the issue up for determination.

The founding fathers did not write the constitution for corporations.

They wrote it for real flesh and blood people. The fact of the matter, at best, corporate person-hood amounts to nothing more than an artificial person, like AstroTurf is to grass. We are seeing, that public officials have become far less concerned to what people want and far more concerned about what their lobbyist friends have paid them to do on their behalf.

All of this has led to such a disgruntled electorate, who feel that their participation is pointless, which, in fact, gives more leverage to these small factions and in practice plays right into their game-plan.

Here is Paul Weyrich, who has been credited, with being one of the founding fathers of the modern-day conservative movement.


 Americans Have Lost Sight Of Our Democracy Being One Of Self Governess.

When, We The People, fail to engage ourselves in the political process we embolden these small factions. If gives them the mindset we can do as we please that the people are not paying attention and, moreover, that We The People, don’t count.

Just like Marxism called for the workers of the world to unite. Today’s corporations are calling on other corporations to unite. Not only are they calling on uniting with each other, but, uniting with governments of the world as well. In addition, they are calling on themselves to unite with the state. When corporations do this, it is called fascism. Corporate Fascism is when the state powers merge with corporations power.

This is what happened in Nazi Germany. The keywords here are merger and power. It’s not a merger of the two per sec, but, it’s the merger of their power. What has developed in today’s world is a merging of power between states and corporations who have more power than most states and when it comes to multi-international corporations some with more power than entire nations.

This has materialized a whole new faction of fascism which makes Nazi Germany look like kindergarten. In this writers view, you could ask people today what corporate fascism is and very few could even attempt to give an answer.

Corporate Fascism Is The Merger Of Corporate Power and State Power, Such That Corporate Power Dominates

This has led to corporations getting an unfair advantage by borrowing fiat money at below- market rates. This power has actualized an undue influence over the government [ U.S. citizens] by a corporate elite of special interest, and plutocracy that uses financial means like campaign contributions, perks, and the new term we are hearing “too-big-to-fail.”

It is this merging of power that has superseded We The People.

One of the most glaring examples of corporate fascism is the current U.S. banking system. The Federal Reserve is a private but government-sanctioned faction of the banking industry that many have labeled a cartel much like OPEC. Just like OPEC of the oil industry dictates the price of oil. The Federal Reserve[ The Fed] dictates the price of money.

Corporate Fascism is the real fascism in the U.S.