Blithering Nonsense Trump 2020 Press Secretary Malfunctions After Fox Host Hits Her With Socialism Truth Bomb

Donald Trump’s 2020 Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany broke into a nonsensical right-wing rant after confronted with the truth about socialism by a Trump-Friendly Fox News Business host.

“Socialism is just plain awful,” Fox Business host Stuart Varney told McEnany on his Fox Nation program. “Trouble is, and we’ve talked about this before, Kayleigh, socialism is popular in some quarters. It could be watered-down socialism, like Sweden or Denmark or parts of Europe.”

“But socialism doesn’t have a bad name,” he continued. “And I think your job is going to be very tough to penetrate those people who think socialism is just fine and dandy.”

“Yeah, I’m not going to underestimate the job ahead,” McEnany agreed. “In the ranks of the Democratic Party, socialism has 60 percent approval. But in a national electorate, it is nowhere near majority support.”

Here’s something that Trump and his fame-thirsty sycophants will never admit.

Socialism has been working in America for well over a hundred years now.

If it weren’t for socialism, we wouldn’t have an interstate or a national military.

In fact, here’s a video and article listing 75 ways socialism has already made America “great.”

But wait, I thought Republicans like “loved” the military?