Melania Wears See-Through Dress To July 4th Celebration, Grosses Out The Internet

First Not-A-Lady Melania Trump is 49 years old, just a couple of years younger than I am. Here’s what I know: at a certain age, to look our best, we really need to wear a bra when we leave the house or…well…folks will stare.

Well at Pres. Donald Trump 4th of July Masturbation Parade, attendees got an eyefull: Melania Trump all nipped out because she wore a see-through white dress in the rain. And no bra.

Are we slut-shaming Melania? Well, no one’s saying she’s a slut, to be honest. OK a few people are. But I’m not. I’m not talking about her sexual proclivities here. I’m talking about hypocrisy. By right wing nut jobs.

Twitter also reacted.

To be fair, many people pointed out that we should ignore Melania’s nipples and focus on the horror of the Trump administration.

This sums it up for me.


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