Trump’s Trip To Walter Reed Might Be A Sign He’s Preparing To Resign (Video)

House Democrats anticipate an impeachment vote of Donald Trump by Christmas.

Yet even if the Senate doesn’t vote to remove him, he may resign.

It may even be sooner than we think.

Trump’s surprise visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this weekend is raising speculation over the possibility the president is crafting a pretext for a hasty departure from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

What is being communicated as a partial physical examination, press secretary Stephanie Grisham’s claimed Trump is “healthy” and “without complaints.”

Yet Walter Reed staff was not notified of Trump’s arrival. Under normal circumstances, it would have ahead of time received instructions about a “VIP” visit.

Grisham said in a statement:

“The President remains healthy and energetic without complaints, as demonstrated by his repeated vigorous rally performances in front of thousands of Americans several times a week.”

None other than conservative pundit Cheri Jacobus suggested the impromptu trip was not just part of an exit strategy–it was angling for a potential pardon.

She commented:

“[Trump is] getting his annual physical three months early is so he can quickly resign for alleged ‘health reasons’ now that he’s guilty as hell and has nowhere left to run and hide.”

She tweeted:

Presidents have not traditionally traveled secretly to Walter Reed for routine tests that can be performed at the White House.

Considering the administration’s mendacious history concerning Trump’s health, it may be plausible Trump is ill, or at least wants to portray the illusion he is.

It seems suspicious the President of the United States has a sufficient medical staff on site at the White House in the event he needs medical attention, yet he drops in to Walter Reed conspicuously, skipping his usual weekend golf outing.

And why not?

Last week was arguably the worst of Donald Trump’s presidency.

His long-time political ally Roger Stone was convicted on all counts of witness tampering and lying to Congress.

The impeachment inquiry is running full steam ahead with Trump-loyal Republicans struggling to defend the president’s bribery and extortion.

A New York Supreme Court judge ordered he pay two million dollars to settle a claim he used his theoretically eleemosynary Donald J. Trump Foundation as a savings account for personal and political interests–including his own run for the White House.

Might the 25th Amendment be forthcoming?

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