Chuck Todd Nails Grossly Bearded Ted Cruz For Lying About Impeachment

On Sunday, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd forcefully confronted Republican Sen. Ted Cruz over Cruz’s believe that Ukraine meddled in the U.S. election in 2016.

The House of Representatives is heading towards an impeachment vote, and a grossly bearded Cruz (who knew he could get even grosser?) insisted that Democrats in Congress haven’t proven that Pres. Donald Trump violated any laws. He outright insisted that Trump was genuinely concerned (hahaha) about “investigating corruption” and that’s why he pressured the Ukranian president to announce that he was investigating former Vice Pres. Joe Biden.

“What I don’t understand is why do you believe that if an American is committing corruption we should have a foreign government to announce an investigation,” Todd said. “Is that appropriate or do you go to American authorities?”

Cruz clarified that he is going to absolutely keep spouting bullshit about Ukraine and Joe Biden.

“So, I believe any president, any Justice Department has the authority to investigate corruption,” Cruz responded. “In this case, there was serious evidence on the face of corruption. The reason Hunter Biden got that position is because his daddy was vice president.”

Is this a good place to point out that half of Trump’s kids are helping him run the government?

Todd pushed Cruz to admit that he believes Ukraine meddled in the 2016 U.S. election, which is a Republican talking point and from all that we know, a conspiracy theory peddled by Russia to try to frame Ukraine for Russia’s election interference.

“I do. And I think there is considerable evidence,” Cruz replied.

A shocked Todd shot back.

“You do? You do?!”

Todd went on to remind Cruz of just how badly Trump treated Cruz and his wife during the 2016 GOP primaries.

“Senator, this sort of strikes me as odd because you went through a primary campaign with this president,” Todd noted. “He launched a birtherism campaign against you. He went after your faith; he threatened to quote ‘spill the beans’ about your wife about something. He pushed a National Enquirer story, which we now know he had a real relationship with the editors.”

“I appreciate you dragging up all that garbage, that’s very kind of you,” Cruz snarked.

But Todd had a reason for dredging up that “garbage.”

“Let me ask you this,” Todd continued. “Is it not possible that this president is capable of creating a false narrative about somebody in order to help him politically?”

Cruz just laughed off Todd’s questions and insisted “that’s not what happened” (about Ukraine) and referred Todd to the infamous “transcript” that is a summary, not a transcript.

Ted Cruz (my senator, and may he go fuck himself) is going to always work to further his own bizarre agenda, even at the cost of our country and his own soul.

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