WATCH: A Shaking Devin Nunes Refuses To Answer, Records Reporter Asking About Ukraine Connections

GOP Rep. Devin Nunes was shaking noticeably when he was confronted by reporters from The Intercept when he was attending a glitzy New York fundraiser at the Lotte New York Palace Hotel this weekend. After refusing to answer questions about his connections to Ukraine and the impeachment scandal, he started—with shaking hands—using his phone to take photos of the journalists.

The Intercept recorded the visibly upset Nunes, and the video shows reporter Lee Fang attempting to ask Nunes questions about his contacts with the two people key to Trump’s apparent efforts to pressure Ukraine: Lev Parnas and Rudy Giuliani. Parnas was indicted because he allegedly funneled foreign money to a super PAC that’s connected to Trump’s reelection campaign.

Phone records obtained by the House Intelligence Committee show that Nunes was apparently in contact with both Giuliani and Parnas throughout the Trump Administration’s efforts to pressure the Ukranian president to investigate Trump’s probably political rival, Joe Biden, along with his son Hunter Biden.

In the video, Nunes is seen recording the journalist and his cameraperson. His hands are shaking. Hard.

“After The Intercept approached Nunes about his contacts with Parnas and whether he was involved with the effort to pressure the Ukrainian government, the California lawmaker sped off, walking through the Palace Hotel to the hotel’s lounge. Moments later, he returned with a cell phone, pointed at this reporter. He remained quiet while asked again about his calls. Nunes then conferred with a U.S. Capitol Police officer stationed at the event, who had The Intercept removed from the hotel.”

Snowflake that he is, Nunes later tweeted a complaint about the reporter, calling him a stalker. But that was after Nunes conferred with the U.S. Capitol Police and had The Intercept staff removed from the hotel.

No, Devin. Mr. Fang was not stalking you. He was doing his job. Not that you’d know much about that.

Devin Nunes is terrified. We’d all like to know why.

Watch the following video for more detailed information about Nunes’ connections to Lev Parnas.

Featured image via video screengrab

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