WATCH: Matt Gaetz Freaks Out In Impeachment Hearing, Starts Shouting At Dem Counsel

In Monday’s House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing, professional tool and GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz had the opportunity to show his ass again. Yay!

During the hearing, ranking member GOP Rep. Doug Collins was questioning Democratic counsel Daniel Goldman because of a remark allegedly made by Goldman about Gordon Sondland. During Collins’ questioning, Gaetz went NUTS and started shouting.

“The implication is we want Schiff in that chair, not you. The implication is the person that wrote the report is the person that should come and present it. And you aren’t elected by anybody and you’re here giving testimony in place of the chairman. I hope that clears up the implication,” Gaetz shouted.

Chairman Jerry Nadler interrupted Gaetz’s rant and reminded him “the gentleman been warned before” and “you cannot yell out and disrupt the committee.”

Later in the same video, Collins grows impatient with Gaetz (because he just will not shut up), telling him to “stop” and looking pointedly in his direction.

Matt Gaetz is a thug and a bully. Oh, and a child. Remember when he burst into a closed committee?

Does anyone else think Gaetz looks like he enjoyed that whole scene just a little too much? He seems to think he can do whatever he wants. He clearly needs anger management classes. And some impulse control training wouldn’t hurt, either.

Featured image via video screengrab

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