Trump Campaign Pastes Trump’s Head Onto Greta Thunberg’s Body

Earlier today, we reported that Time Magazine named teen activist Greta Thunberg their 2019 Person of the Year, making her the youngest person to be recognized. This is a much-deserved honor for a very worthy young woman.

To no one’s surprise, Pres. Donald Trump immediately began bullying her.

Now, however, he and his campaign have gone so far that it may be too far for even many of his supporters. They’ve pasted Trump’s head onto Greta Thunberg’s body.

Here is Greta’s Time cover.

time magazine cover greta thunberg
Photograph by Evgenia Arbugaeva for TIME

Greta Thunberg is on the autism spectrum. She has Asperger’s. I’ve already asked this question once today, yet I have to ask it again: how low can he go?

Want to support Greta? You can buy her book.

greta thunberg book
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