Democratic Rep: ‘I Did Not Come To Congress To Impeach The President’

We all just want a smooth-running country, don’t we? A country with integrity that is led by leaders with integrity. No one wants to go through what we’ve been going through this year. And that includes Rep. Sylvia Garcia (D-Texas).

On Friday, after casting her vote to impeach Pres. Donald J. Trump, Garcia tweeted this.

I did not come to Congress to impeach the President and for that reason I take my #ImpeachmentVote seriously. I voted for the first of the #ArticlesOfImpeachment because Trump abused his power when he asked a foreign govt to interfere in our elections for his personal gain.

Earlier this week, Rep. Garcia tweeted her reasoning for her insistence that Donald Trump be impeached.

I grew up poor in rural south TX where I picked cotton in the blistering sun to help my family. I’m the product of the American Dream, which we must protect against Trump’s actions. Democracy is a gift that each generation gives to the next. That’s why we must #ImpeachTrump.

For the most part, Twitter users were grateful and supportive.


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