JUST IN: SCOTUS Will Hear Case Demanding Trump’s Taxes, Resolve Before 2020 Election

We’ve all been wondering if the Supreme Court would hear Trump’s case that attempts to keep his tax returns out of the hands of House Democrats. Well, on Friday, we got our answer. They’ll hear the cases and resolve the matter before the 2020 election. They’ll hear the arguments in March, with a resolution by June.

The cases involved are Trump v. Vance, Trump v. Mazars USA, and Trump v. Deutsche Bank.

Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden said that he would allow the House lawsuit to continue, stating the case invokes a 1924 law that says that the Ways and Means Committee has the authority to seek tax returns.

In another case, a judge ordered Trump to turn his taxes over to the Manhattan District Attorney for the purpose of investigating a criminal case against Trump. The judge rejected Trump’s claim that he’s immune from criminal investigations because he’s the president. Hard to believe anyone would have that kind of audacity, isn’t it?

court order scotus trump taxes

Trump’s attorneys naturally appealed, so the case was sent to the Supreme Court, who has agreed to hear the case. Four justices have to agree to hear a case, and five justices have to form a decision.

However, lest you get too excited, remember that conservative justices have control of the court. That said, Judge Roberts has a history of going with precedent, so maybe…?

Also, the Supreme Court has a history of not allowing presidents to be above the law. In fact, SCOTUS has never ruled that a sitting president is beyond the reach of the courts, according to Five Thirty Eight. During the Watergate scandal, the Supreme Court justices ruled that Nixon had to comply with the subpoena that directed him to turn over the infamous tapes of White House conversations. They ruled similarly in 1997 that the president doesn’t have immunity from lawsuits regarding issues that transpired prior to assuming the role of president.

No, I can’t get my hopes up. I just hope justice gets served, preferably in the form of those tax returns that I’m convinced will either prove Trump’s a crook or that he’s simply not as wealthy as he claims. With a man with an ego the size he has, it can be either one.

Here is the full order.

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