Is Mitt Romney Privately Whipping Up Votes To Convict Trump?

I love the Democratic Underground. They very often break stories before anyone else does. On Friday, someone put up a blurb with the caption “you heard it here first.”

mitt romney whipping up votes to convict trump

Whether it’s true or not (OMG please let it be true), it certainly riled up the right-wing nutjobs over at Conservative Underground. Many people in that forum seem distrustful of Romney.

Here’s the thing, though. Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld told The Hill that half a dozen GOP senators are privately supporting convicting Trump when his impeachment trial hits the Senate.

“I know most of the senior Republicans in the Senate,” Weld said. “They’re picking their words carefully when they talk to me, of all people, even though we are friends.”

“I wouldn’t want to get quoted,” he continued. “I don’t even like to ask someone to do something which is not in their political self-interest. But yeah, I would say they’re four to six votes for removal right now.”

Well, looks like he got quoted. Ha.

Many insiders and political commentators are suggesting that Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are, along with Romney, those most likely to break from their party over the Trump impeachment.

Republicans control the Senate 53-47. A two-thirds majority will be required for convicting Trump and removing him from office, which would mean we need 67 votes to convict and remove Trump from office. Here’s the thing: McConnell can’t afford more than two Republican defectors when he’s establishing the rules to govern an impeachment trial.

Personally, I don’t think the Senate will convict the villainous traitor Trump. But it will be interesting to watch. It will be interesting to know which of the GOP senators will put country over party. It will also be interesting to see if the poster at the Democratic Underground was right.

We live in fascinating times, my friends.

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