WATCH: Chaos And Physical Alterations At Adam Schiff’s Town Hall

This weekend, Trump supporters created chaos at a town hall event by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. Trumpers were screaming accusations of treason, anti-impeachment screeds, and even getting into loud altercations with other attendees. Someone could be shouting “f*cking a**hole.

Schiff is the Democratic congressman chairing the impeachment hearings committee. He was holding his town hall event in Glendale, California on Saturday on the subject of the government’s recent recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

Here is a clip shared on Twitter by the Trump re-election team.

When Schiff began to speak, all hell broke loose. It started with “peaceful protest” with the protestors holding up signs saying “Don’t Impeach,” but things quickly deteriorated into chaos. When Schiff began to speak about the importance of recognizing the Armenian Genocide, that’s when the Trumpers stopped being peaceful, shouting “Liar!” and other things.

Legit attendees of the event began shouting “Out!” and asking the disruptors to leave, but the arseholes persisted. As the disruption continued, physical altercations broke out between Trumpers and Schiff supporters.

One man with a shaved head shouted over and over again.

“You will be going to jail for treason!” 

Several people called him a “fucking asshole” as he was escorted out. Meanwhile, another protestor said that Schiff will end up hanging for treason. She was also escorted out of the building.

You can watch the entire event in this video.

Featured image via Twitter screengrab

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