Watch This Pastor Say Trump Has ‘Repented Of His Sins And Confessed Jesus Christ As Lord And Savior’

Monday morning, the awesome site Right Wing Watch posted on Twitter a video of pastor Gordon Klingenschmitt saying that Trump has come home to the Lord. We don’t know the pastor’s name yet, but we’ll update this article when we do.

“Over time, I believe Trump, in his own person, in his heart, has repented of his sins and confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. My friend Dr. James Dobson says ‘Trump is a new Christian. He’s like a baby Christian.'”

The butt-clown continues.

“And since that time, especially since his election, we haven’t seen all of the philandering and coarse talk that he was famous for.”

First of all, I have a theory about that first point. I think that when a philanderer’s dick quits working, he stops philandering. Also, there’s this: Trump is too busy tweeting to screw around on his wife.

As for the “coarse talk,” when did that stop? Because I’m still seeing it. These people are delusional. As my husband said “Donald Trump is so full of shit, every time he takes a step weeds pop up.”

Here is Dr. James Dobson saying how pleased he is with Trump.

He further clarified on his website.

One of those well-wishers was carrying a recording device, and he suddenly appeared before me and held a microphone in my face. He asked for my impressions from the day.

I spoke candidly for about 20 seconds, as I recall. Then he disappeared. By the next morning, millions of people were talking about my saying I had heard during the day that a minister had led Donald Trump to a relationship with Christ. I didn’t elaborate because I said all I knew. Reporters and op ed writers began criticizing me for that one sentence remark. The Christian media was especially vicious!

If Donald Trump is a born-again Christian, I’m the Virgin Mary. And I’m not a virgin, nor a saint.

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