Doug Collins Appears To Have Manic Attack On House Floor, Rants About Clocks And Calendars

What the actual f*ck! I stumbled across this video on Twitter of Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) ranting and raving about I don’t know the F what. I’m just gonna drop it here for you guys. With a little context, of course. Here’s the context: Doug Collins is unstable, y’all.

Let me see if I can type as fast as he talks. Nope, I can’t. Anyhow, here’s a bit of the transcript that I was able to capture as he was talking.

“It takes common sense to know that you don’t impeach somebody without at least making all of the evidence proper. But you know, that’s what happens when you’re to the tyranny to a clock and a calendar. When you’re to the tyranny of a clock and a calendar, nothing else matters. It’s like what’s gonna happen here in the holidays and…….”

hestalkingsofasticantkeepupsojustwatch (he’s talking so fast I can’t keep up so just watch).

Wait, did he say sumabitch? I do not know, but isn’t he a preacher? Yes, yes, he is.

Not sure exactly what triggered what appears to be a manic episode for the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, but I do have a suggestion for him: TAKE YOUR MEDS.

Last week, Collins stormed angrily out of the impeachment hearings following an angry rant.


Someone on Twitter tried to get Mrs. Collins, whoever she is and wherever she is, to intervene.

This Twitter user suggested maybe Rep. Collins hit the espresso bar.

No. You don’t get to blame it on coffee. You don’t get to blame it on your rage against injustice. You don’t get to blame it on anything except that this mofo is unstable. This is a fact. If a congresswoman behaved this way, she’d be “shrill” and “emotional” and “crazy.” Fact.

And there’s this. Thank goodness for this.


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