Trump Begs For Us To Pray For Him After Saying Last Night ‘I’m Not Worried’

So last night Pres. Donald Trump went on a wild late-night tweeting binge pending today’s near-certain impeachment in the House. One of his tweets said that he’s not worried about the impeachment.

“They went after me with the Fake Dossier, paid for by Crooked Hillary & the DNC, which they illegally presented to FISA. They want to Impeach me (I’m not worried!), and yet they were all breaking the law in so many ways,” Trump argued, without evidence.

First of all, last night with all the tweeting craziness, he actually looked pretty worried. Also, this morning, he still looks worried. So…bring in the prayers, folks!

That tweet is actually a correction. First, he tweeted out a similar tweet with typos (lol).

trump typo spelling errors
via Mediaite

Oh yes, we’re praying. F*ck yeah, we’re praying, and today, even the prayers of those who don’t even believe in God will be answered. Amen!

Featured image via Religion News Service

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