WATCH: We Know How Trump Really Feels About Being Impeached: ‘Absolute Embarrassment’

Have you been wondering how Pres. Trump is dealing emotionally with his impeachment? Well, now we know.

CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski tweeted out an epic video this morning that shows Pres. Donald Trump sharing his opinion with Fox & Friends of how then-Pres. Barack Obama would be reacting if he were to be impeached.

“Do you think Obama seriously wants to be impeached and go through what Bill Clinton did? He would be a mess. He would be thinking about nothing but. It would be a horror show for him. It would be an absolute embarrassment. It would go down on his record permanently.”

Trump tweeted last night that he’s not worried, but know that of course, he is because he wrote that bonkers letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and then went on a massive panicked tweetstorm late last night.

We all know that Trump projects. Psychological projection is actually a defense mechanism that many people, especially Trump, employ subconsciously for the purpose of coping with difficult feelings or emotions. So when Trump was explaining how he believes Obama would feel if impeached, he was sharing with us how he would feel. Embarrassed? Ashamed? Good. He should be.

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