Report: Enraged And Broken Trump Was Glued To His TV Watching His Own Impeachment

broken angry trump watching impeachment tv

On Wednesday, the entire world watched Pres. Donald J. Trump’s downfall streaming live on TV stations across the globe. But one person had a vested interest in what was playing out on the big screen: Donald Trump himself.

Trump said  he would be watching his impeachment, which he has long called a “hoax” and a “sham impeachment.” But he was apparently glued to the TV.

According to NBC News, all of the TVs in the upstairs residence in the White House were tuned to cable news watching the impeachment proceedings live.

The president spent most of the morning in the residence, according to a White House official. Upstairs in the White House, the televisions were tuned to cable news, which were all carrying the impeachment proceedings live.

“We are all mad,” a White House official told NBC News, describing the president’s reaction as one of “disbelief” that the process had reached this point, and his team as being “angry this is happening.” But officials were quick to add that the president is ready for the fight ahead, describing the White House as battle-tested at this point.

The White House said in a statement that Trump would be working all day (and we know he never really does that). However, not long after that statement, Trump was tweeting in all caps.

In fact, Trump tweeted more than 30 tweets and retweets from his Twitter account, and all of this by early afternoon on Wednesday when the impeachment proceedings were going on.

Side note: for a long time I had his tweets coming directly to my phone via text so that I could keep my eye on the madman. However, I had to turn it off last week because I couldn’t even follow news alerts for all of his dumb manic tweets.

I just hope he saw Rep. Maxine Waters’ fiery rebuke.

On Wednesday, Trump got to watch what the rest of us also watched: the humiliating stain placed upon his name and his legacy by Democratic patriots in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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