Insiders: Trump Is Deeply Scarred By Impeachment, ‘Created A Monster’

If you think Pres. Donald Trump was bad before, his critics are saying basically “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

In The Memo by The Hill, insiders who have known Trump well say that being impeached has devastated him. In fact, they share that Trump is actually a very insecure man. That’s no secret to those of us who understand malignant narcissism. The root of the narcissist is insecurity.

Trump has sought respect and validation for his entire adult life and has been frustrated that it always seemed beyond his reach. For example, as a young real estate developer from Queens, he felt that the “old money” rivals in Manhattan looked down on him.

Omarosa Manigault Newman shares her insight. She met Trump 16 years ago through Trump’s NBC show “The Apprentice.” She later went on to become a senior adviser to the president (and none of us know how she qualified for that role…).

[Trump’s] “focus when I first met him was on success. The second half of his life, he has spent trying to be significant.”

She explains how impeachment affects him at the core level.

“Impeachment effectively undermines his desire to be significant, because he now has that asterisk tattooed to his head,” she added.

Omarosa also says that she genuinely believes that Trump had the potential to become “great” but “squandered” it. Now, he’s behaving like a man who has finally been held to account.

“It is the first time in his life he has come up against a system like that,” she said. “He has largely gamed the tax system, gamed the real estate deals. He has found a way to game those things. He could not game the impeachment process.”

Sam Nunberg met Trump in 2011 and eventually worked on his presidential campaign in the early stages. He personally believes that Trump will be “extremely upset” about being impeached.

[…] “from a historical perspective — just the same way that it was always a big issue if you mentioned past bankruptcies.”

Nunberg warns that Democrats should be aware of Trump’s tendency towards revenge.

“What I would tell his political enemies, if they feel happy about this, is — as someone who has worked for him and fought with him — you have really created a monster here for 2020,” Nunberg said. “The amount of drive that he had to get reelected has been magnified by millions.”

Other sources note that Trump tends to deny and recoil from past failures. The problem is that with impeachment, his failure will be in history books for as long as humanity exists. And to me, that’s delicious. The bigger they are the harder they fall? This vile, worthless human being may have gotten exactly what he deserved.

Read more at The Hill.

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