Here Is Another Trump Financial Crime While The Media Chases War (Video)

Donald Trump has again managed to capture the news cycle by bringing us to the brink of World War III.

While the media is focused on the dangerous distraction Trump is using Iran to create, it is not focusing on his impeachment or financial crimes.

The day news broke about Iranian military general Qassem Suleimani’s assassination, another explosive story about Trump’s dealings with Deutsche Bank flew past most media’s radar.

According to Forensic News, Russian state-owned VTB Bank underwrote Trump’s shady Deutsche Bank loans, leaving Trump 100% beholden to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

VTB Bank was the proposed lender on the aborted Trump Tower Moscow project that factored so prominently in Special Council Robert Mueller’s report confirming the Kremlin-backed Internet Research Agency conducted “disinformation and social media operations in the United States designed to sow social discord, eventually with the aim of interfering with the [2016] election.”

According to Mark Sumner from The Daily Kos:

  “When Trump first went to Deutsche Bank, he was worse than broke. He had just finished bankrupting multiple casinos in New Jersey, and then had convinced investors to back a takeover of those casinos at a fraction of the original value. Then Trump deliberately allowed the investment group to go bankrupt so he could grab the whole deal himself at a fraction of what his investors had paid. Then he went bankrupt. Again. And along the way he was socked with a massive fine for money laundering at his now bankrupt (again) casino.”

No American bank would dare go near Trump, he was so fiscally toxic.

But Deutsche Bank did not hesitate because, should Trump welch on its generosity as he did with the other institutions, Vladimir Putin would step in.

The documents indicating this supposedly originated with the son of former Deutsche Bank official Thomas Bowers, who committed suicide in November.

Congress needs this information.

Trump lost appeals to deny access to his tax filings, business dealings, and instructions to White House officials.

Curiously, despite there being no conflict among lower court rulings and its tradition of avoiding most cases presenting conflict between the executive and legislative branches, the Supreme Court blocked the subpoena and is slated to hear the case.

Again, from Daily Kos:

“Much of Trump’s ‘recovery’ depended on selling apartments and buildings to Russian oligarchs at far above market prices. Those deals have always suggested the same kind of money laundering that added to the conviction of Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort, but if these accusations are accurate, Russia did far more for Trump than buy his gilded condos.

“If they are true, this would show that Donald Trump was 100% dependent on the Russian government for his ‘big comeback.’ It would mean that he was completely beholden to Putin for his real estate, for his golf courses, for his candidacy—for everything.”

Donald Trump is probably very pleased the media is covering his war games instead of this.

He probably welcomes anything to deflect from impeachment.

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