Trump’s Head Explodes When Fox & Friends Airs Mike Bloomberg Attack Ad

Mike Bloomberg and Donald Trump compilation photo
Gage Skidmore via Flickr, Compilation by Author

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg knows just how to hit Pres. Donald Trump where it hurts (and where he’s most likely to see it): in an attack ad that airs during Trump’s favorite morning show, Fox & Friends.

On Thursday, Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade interviewed Kevin Sheekey, Mike Bloomberg’s 2020 campaign manager. During the interview, Sheekey attacked Trump’s military accomplishments and explained why his boss, Michael Bloomberg (a real billionaire) would be a better president.

“It’s not all about spending money… so throwing money at a problem is not leadership.”

Trump loves to refer to Bloomberg as “Mini Mike Bloomberg,” probably because Bloomberg is small in stature and that’s how Trump attacks people. Shortly after the ad aired, Trump tweeted that Bloomberg, who is the former mayor of New York City, is:

“[…]playing poker with his foolhardy and unsuspecting Democrat rivals.” 

Trump continued with the insults.

“The fact is, when Mini loses, he will be spending very little of his money on these “clowns” because he will consider himself to be the biggest clown of them all – and he will be right!”

Galia Slayen, the national spokesperson for Bloomberg’s campaign, noted that Trump’s butthurt about Bloomberg is becoming a morning routine.

Trump and Bloomberg used to be “friends,” or at least as much as one can be friends with a pathological narcissist like Trump.

However, Bloomberg has Trump’s number and probably always has. He says that since he’s a New Yorker, he knows a con when he sees one.

As one Twitter user pointed out, Bloomberg seems to really know how to get under Trump’s skin, “And the poke-the-bear strategy seems to be working.” Indeed.

Other users are quick to point out that if Trump wants to talk about money, Michael Bloomberg could likely buy Trump 20 times over. Because Bloomberg is actually as wealthy as we all believe he is. Not that money is everything. Right, Mr. Trump?

The fact is, Donald Trump is obsessed with money and it’s how he keeps score. He’s more afraid of Bloomberg than he is of any of the other candidates because he sees Bloomberg as someone he has to pay attention to. And it’s for no other reason except that he actually has money.

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