Trump Just Went To War With ‘Really Pathetic’ Fox News: ‘Beginning Of The End’

Sometimes I wish Pres. Donald Trump was psychic or as all-powerful as he’d like us to believe. Why? Times like this. Today, Trump predicted the “beginning of the end” for what he calls a “really pathetic” Fox News. Oh, how I wish this could be true!

But what has actually happened to Fox News? When did it start going downhill? Well, Trump says “Only I know!”

Trump is still slamming former Fox host Shepard Smith, even though he no longer works for the “news” organization. Apparently, Pres. Butthurt is really pissed that his state-run media is bucking his authority by having Democrats on their programs. He’s also unhappy with Chris Wallace, and we think we know why.

What we suspect Trump is really irked about is Chris Wallace recently said that he thinks former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s upcoming book “The Room Where It Happened” is a big deal, even though Republicans are attempting to downplay Bolton’s book’s importance.

Cover of The Room Where It Happened John Bolton Book about Trump

“If you want a sense of how big the news is that we’ve heard in the last twelve hours… fourteen hours, just listen to the Trump supporters, frankly, like Congressman Lee Zeldin and a lot of others spinning like crazy that it isn’t big news, and you get a sense that this is really an important development in this case,” Wallace said, adding, “It seems to me that it’s going to be awfully hard for those Republican senators in the middle, maybe even more senators than that, to now vote against witnesses.”

Indeed. We agree. But damn Chris Wallace for actually trying to be a journalist and not a Trump sycophant.

Here’s what I want to know. How can people like Wallace stand to share air space with people like Lou Dobbs?



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