Leaked Photo Shows Trump’s Icky Orange Makeup Lines

A Twitter account owned by someone named “William Moon” shares photos of various White House events. Although the Twitter account in question is unverified, the photographer clearly has access to White House events.

The account @photowhoitehouse shared the following photo on Friday evening, and it instantly went viral.

A black and white version of the photo was shared by the same Twitter account, and it’s even more alarming.

Is it badly applied makeup or a spray tan mishap? You be the judge. I can’t even hazard a guess, although if I had to, I’d say…nevermind. I don’t know.

Right before tweeting that photo, the account tweeted this oddly worded tweet, a style that’s common for the account, apparently.

Predictably, Twitter comedians went insane and began memeing the poor Orange Menace, though people weren’t sure if it was a poorly applied spray tan or horribly applied makeup. Either way, it’s gross. Ugh.

Gross. Just gross. Can you even imagine Barack Obama, at any age, being this gross? No.