Diane Keaton Wore What The Hell She Wanted To The Oscars And Twitter Loves It

The incomparable Diane Keaton loves Hollywood, but at the same time, she is soooooooo over Hollywood’s expectations of women. She decided to wear exactly what the hell she wanted to wear to the Academy Awards on Sunday evening and Twitter is loving her to bits.

Keaton and Keanu Reeves were presenting the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Watch their delightful banter below.

First of all, she was having a really good time.

Twitter loved how relaxed and confident she was to just sort of wear whatever.

And lest you think for even one minute that this was a calculated move…nope. Apparently, this outfit is a fave of Diane’s this week.

One Twitter user (OK, a few more than one) noted the glorious nails.

Diane Keaton. That is all.

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