Mike Pence and Wife Mailed in Primary Ballots from Their Abandoned Mansion

President Trump and Vice-President Pence and the entire Trump administration have been railing against mail-in voting for years. Trump has tweeted multiple times about some non-existent voter fraud.

He is ramping up the lies about voter fraud with the 2020 election looming over his head.

Attorney General William Barr said this about absentee ballots:

“I know things can happen like that. Because I know people move, a very high percentage in the United States, people move all the time. And I also know that you can easily take things out of mailboxes.”

Well, we’ve found an example of someone taking advantage of the vote by mail system: Vice President Pence and his wife, Karen Pence.

Mike Pence Karen Pence
Wikimedia Commons

The Pences used the governor’s mansion as their address for their primary ballots in the 2020 election. They haven’t lived there for over four years since Pence stepped down from being Governor to become Vice-President.

Now, they are well within their rights to claim residence in Indiana to vote, but they should use a residence they actually own.

President Trump has tweeted multiple times that mail-in voting will cause a “rigged” election in 2020 unless the “madness” is stopped. Twitter is finally starting to fact check the president and it’s glorious.

Here are just some of the tweets from Trump about mail-in voting:

That has never happened.

He is just unhinged, really.

He keeps saying that the “fraud” of mail-in voting will cost him the election. His own actions will cost him the election. Unless, of course, Russia intervenes again. He is best friends with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He has said he will leave peacefully if he loses in November, but I doubt that. He will have to be dragged out of the White House like a child being dragged out of a toy store.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons.