Marjorie Taylor Greene Suggested Shooting Volunteers Urging Vaccination

Imagine a Democrat suggested shooting unvaccinated people.

Now imagine a republican suggested shooting the vaccinated or anyone advocating vaccinations.

We don’t need to imagine, because Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) was caught on video last month suggesting supporters shoot volunteers canvassing door-to-door promoting COVID-19 vaccines.

During the Alabama event, Q-Anon adherent Greene erroneously claimed the Biden administration’s door-to-door vaccination push will result in government officials demanding personal information.

She added:

Joe Biden wants to come talk to you guys. He’s going to be sending one of his police state friends to your front door to knock on the door, take down your name, your address, your family members’ names, your phone numbers, your cell phone numbers, probably ask for your Social Security number, and whether you’ve taken the vaccine or not. What they don’t know is in the South, we all love our Second Amendment rights, and we’re not real big on strangers showing up on our front door, are we? They might not like the welcome they get.”

The crowd cheered after she proclaimed, “[Alabama] might be one of the most unvaccinated states in the nation.”

The first-term congresswoman has already been stripped of her committee assignments.

Twitter temporarily suspended last month for disseminating anti-vaccine lies.

Although reportedly distancing herself from it, she was a founding member of the House’s racist “America First” caucus

In May, she repeatedly compared mask mandates to the Holocaust, but apologized following a visit to the national Holocaust Museum.

Before being elected, she repeatedly accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of being guilty of treason, making sure to interject it is “a crime punishable by death.”

She suggested at a Facebook Live broadcast from Pelosi’s office the speaker would “suffer death” or “be in prison” for that supposed “treason.”

That same day, in another video, she accused Rep. Maxine Waters of being “just as guilty of treason as Nancy Pelosi.”

She also liked comments on Facebook demanding either John Kerry or Barack Obama be hanged.

All this coming from someone reportedly thinking about running for president in 2024.

Image credit: Progressive Charlestown

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