Christians Against Dinosaurs Are ‘Fighting Big Paleo For Christ’

Get those side-eyes ready, America. Not only do creationists not believe in evolution, there’s an entire Christian group of science dissidents who not only refuse to believe dinosaurs ever existed.

The group’s belief is that the entire imaginary lunacy of dinosaurs is nothing more than a plot cooked up by “Big Paleo” to cash in “where the money is” and maybe thwart the word of God in the process.

Who the heck is “Big Paleo”?

The group is called Christians Against Dinosaurs (CAD), and hard as it may be to believe, they’re not joking.

Just take a look at this December 2014 video featuring CAD’s Kristen Auclair.

If you’d like to see and hear more to believe it, you can spend a little more than an hour with Auclair in the February 2015 interview.

Captions across the group’s home page read:


The group has Twitter (@fake fossils) Facebook and YouTube pages, too. Thankfully, a mere 662 people follow their delusions on Twitter.

Astonishingly, however, more than 10,000 follow their page on Facebook, where they describe their mission as celebrating “Gods [sic] wisdom in denying dinosaurs their existence.”

Their short description reads, “The truth about the dinosaur lie is freely available. And lots of it is presented here, on this page. Bless God and His infinite wisdom!” They even have a phone number listed for those who would like to call them up and talk about it.

Scan through their photos and memes if you’d like a good laugh. Here’s an example.

big paleo christians dinosaurs

They have a private Facebook group, here, as well.

As for CAD’s YouTube page, it’s a goldmine for those looking to piss away some time listening to denial and insanity, with several videos published, including titles such as:

Yes, seriously. Click the links and see for yourself.

Christians Against Dinosaur’s main website has all their bases covered, too. It has a page keeping folks up to date on all the latest pro-Christian, anti-science, anti-dinosaur news, where one can find these articles.

It also has a blog, sporting posts titled “Dinosaur Hoax: Thoughts On Big Paleo” and “Dinosaur Hoax: Aerodynamics.”

Naturally, the site also includes a contact page and a support page, where CAD panders for money via a now defunct crowdfunding page.

But what is perhaps most amusing about Christians Against Dinosaurs is their prayer list. Considering the list includes names such as Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye, Steven Spielberg, and Kanye West. It’s clear the list is not made up of supporters who wish to be prayed for or who wish to pray for friends and family, but in part, a judgmental “heathens” list where CAD-types pray for the souls of those deemed likely to burn for their love of “Big Paleo” and selling their souls to the highest science bidders.

That’s right, just like global warming, dinosaurs are not real. All these scientists are just being paid by “Big Paleo” to cash in and keep the conspiracy going so they aren’t out of a job.

For shame, science. For shame…

Featured image via Christians Against Dinosaurs screen capture.