John Boehner Goes on ‘The View’ to Share Opinion of Biden (and that other guy)

It’s my opinion that the GOP leaders of the last couple of decades have done their part to try to ruin our country. This includes former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, current Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and former House Speaker John Boehner.

I believe that the best thing John Boehner ever did for his country is retire. However, since his retirement, he has made some comments that show that even the vilest reptile (no offense to innocent reptiles) can occasionally get something right.

Recently, Boehner released his memoir, “On the House.” He’s been on a press tour to promote his book, which I’ve not read.

On the House: A Washington Memoir

I will pick it up if I ever see it used or at a garage sale. I refuse to put a dime in his pocket. However, one stop on his promotional tour was for an interview with the ladies of “The View.”

In the interview, he said some pretty inflammatory things. And the people he probably infuriated aren’t we who are smart liberals. On the contrary, the things he said probably pi**ed off royally some conservative talking heads and fans of former Pres. Donald Trump.

Right-wing nutjob host Meghan McCain tried to get Boehner to criticize our current president, Pres. Joe Biden, by asking Boehner if he believes that Pres. Biden is “continuing the tradition” of not reaching across the aisle to Democrats.

Now, it amazes me that they expect us to reach across the aisle when they never did (and never will).

Here’s what Meghan asked Boehner:

Meghan McCain John Boehner The View Interview Biden Obama

If Meghan had anticipated Boehner’s response, she probably wouldn’t have asked that question. Boehner’s response was that “Joe Biden’s a good guy.”

He further added that he worked with Biden for 30 years and knows him “inside and out.” Here is his entire statement.

Meghan McCain John Boehner The View Interview Biden Obama

In his book, Boehner also criticized Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz.

I do appreciate his honesty on this issue and the fact that he has such high praise for Pres. Biden.

However, as some Twitter users pointed out, Boehner is still a treasonous tool.

Watch the entire interview below.

There you have it.

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