What A Shocker: Lauren Boebert Just Failed Remedial Geography

Controversial Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert raised eyebrows after posting a meme of a U.S. map that omitted two states and U.S. territories. “Sometimes a meme says it best,” she wrote with the words in the image reading, “Map showing the only place my taxes should go to.”

Aside from the abject stupidity of BoBo’s meme, we do not get to pick and choose where our tax dollars go — except by voting. Congress holds the purse strings. And holy cow, she is a member of Congress, and she doesn’t know how this works.

Twitter users piled in.

What an absolute embarrassment. Boebert earned a GED diploma just months before she won her seat in Congress, and she should request a refund because that brainless twit doesn’t know basic geography.

Featured image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr/CC license 2.0