Christmas For Dummies

christmas tree

Ah, Christmas! This time of year that we constantly hear that there is a war about, that we hear that we should be kind, loving, and embrace all- the time that stories have been written about of mystical encounters with spirits.

But what is Christmas exactly?

Christmas is many things to many people and is celebrated in many ways, depending on denomination, belief, and even what people feel is biblical. Some celebrate Advent, some celebrate Christmas on just one day, and others celebrate all twelve days of Christmas. (Yes, there are twelve days of Christmas in actuality; December 25th is the first day of the Christmas season.)

Christmas is celebrated in remembrance of the light entering the world in the form of God in flesh or Jesus.

A couple of things.

  • Christ’s birth date is unknown for sure. There is no known record of when Christ was born.
  • A lot of our traditions that we use to celebrate Christmas today were adopted from Pagans.
  • Originally, Christmas was not celebrated near the Winter Solstice, but was instead celebrated around the time of Epiphany.
  • There are twelve days of Christmas- not one.
  • The Christmas season does not begin on December 1, but December 25th and it ends on January 6th, which is Epiphany or Three Kings’ Day.

Origins of Christmas’s name.

Originally, the term “Christmas” appeared in Old English as Cristes Maesses in 1038 A.D. and then as Cristes-Messes in A.D. 1131. The name was established by the church to disconnect the pagan origins of the holiday.

But, while many of these traditions are adopted from pagan traditions, they are not celebrated with paganism in mind or with pagan gods in mind. They are instead celebrated in a different spirit this season.

Why do Christians celebrate Christ’s birthday?

Christians celebrate Christ’s birthday to remember the entrance of light into the world, of God made flesh being born to forgive mankind of all of their sins. It is also the fact that Christians are supposed to be in relationship with Jesus, as family; and a family and its members always celebrate the birthday of their members, for the most part. It is symbolic of a time when a great blessing was brought about.

Christmas Traditions.

They vary from family to family, but gifts are common, decorating, having dinner with loved ones, and spending time together. Some people go to church and others wake and spend time with family.

Remember, though, my dear readers.

There are some people, regardless of what way you choose to celebrate this season as Christmas, Yuletide, or whatever- there are those who have no one this time of season or any time of season. Reach out to someone you may know that does not have people to celebrate with, or keep people in your thoughts that are without someone or who are lonely.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a blessed season!