The Repackaging Of The Fascist Playbook

There seems to be a growing reality concerning the Libertarian and Tea Party movements in this country and can best be summed up in a phrase, “conspiracy nut balls.” While claiming to be all about freedom and liberty, any fair evaluation of their agenda tells a much deeper and darker story. These groups seem to stay up nights trying to erode our civil rights to live a quality life. Moreover, their platform would have us barley existing, languishing in debt. They have been successful in many regions of this nation through their highly funded media echo chambers to take away many of our social protections and deny the American people the social justice We The People have fought so hard for over the years.

For example, politicians like former Texas senator Ron Paul and his son senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) backed by special interest groups funded by the likes of the Koch Brothers have executed a media campaign to distort and diminish public support for fair social safety net programs. Their delusional anti-government claims of socialism, among others have deceived and snared and convinced droves of people to believing their government is out to get them and is something much-less than ” of, by, and for the people.”

We The People Are The Government.

Not just the wealthy, perfectly healthy, spoiled easy-come trust fund successful entrepreneurs. The Tea Party and Libertarian movements in this country amount to nothing more than?Social Darwinism. Their agenda is?plutocracy. They demonize government as evil. They demonize groups of citizens with the intent to divide and conquer. All in all, this is nothing more than, the repackaging of the Facist playbook. Just like we saw in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s.

With unconstitutional overreach by the Judicial branch, which upheld the claim money as free speech and corporate person-hood, we have seen this type behavior before from the Anarcho-Capitalist Corporatism of Nazi Germany.

In these modern times, we see advocates and pundits like Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Lou Dobbs put on their Joseph Goebbels mask spewing all sorts of conspiracy propaganda lies against all sorts of groups and minorities. All these people are doing is propagating the desires of the wealthiest people in our country and the world like the Koch Brothers. These reckless capitalist want nothing more than to have all forms of regulation out of their midst. Just like the Nazi, they disdain the chronically ill, poor, disabled and out of work Americans. They embrace voter suppression laws for they know their leverage goes up if the voter turnouts are low. Disabled, welfare poor people are nothing more than parasites that should do nothing more than fend for themselves.

In today’s society the Nazi propaganda takes form from the pamphlets of old to conspiracy websites, radio talk shows, cable news and now social media Facebook pages. Just like in Nazi Germany, in the 1930’s and 40’s, we see the demoralization of huge segments of our citizenry. The Tea Party crowd as well as the so-called Libertarians have blamed people’s economic despair on everything but their own failed austerity policies. Groups like liberals, socialist, immigrants, free masons, minorities have all been targeted.

The Tea Party, GOP and the Libertarians know their agenda is a minority viewpoint. Just like in Germany, they understand they have no shot of gaining influence in a unified America. They understand that their only shot of getting their platform in practice is to cause a polarization?of the American people. By using prejudice and institutional racism as their weapons they have attempted and with much success to split this country into small groups just like the Nazi did in WWII Europe.

We The People must realize that this massively funded propaganda attack has a purpose.

Who stands to benefit from this propaganda? Is it the middle-class? Is it the moderate and working poor? No, it’s the corporations and the elitist who need We The People out of their business so they can run their enterprise to the detriment of our environment, our work-force, all in the name of capitalism and the free-markets. This is not a classroom theory this is history repeating itself.

The right-wing, the Libertarians, the Tea Party are using Social Darwinism to demonize and separate groups for the purpose of demonizing them as threats to our country,our culture, our society as threats to our free markets and democracy. It’s scapegoating 101.

Just like the Nazi Party, these radical modern-day organizations have waged a war against equality of the person. They don’t want free healthcare for all. They don’t want a good free public education to survive. They have cut programs to the poor,sick, veterans of wars, taxed the middle-class while giving huge tax breaks to the upper one-percent. These are not theories they are facts. Moreover, they have ostracized groups who have tried to help these segments of our population. Calling them socialist, communist, tree hugging liberals. Name calling is their forte in which they have made a science.

Don’t Be Swindled By The Hype.

Many fell prey to this rhetoric just as many have bought into it hook, line and sinker today in America. Hilter, needed suckers as do the Koch Brothers and what better way than to revisit the tactics of a madman who for a time had all of Europe at his feet. They need people to do lots of hard work for cheap and shunned the unions and have fought against the huge inequality that has come to pass in present day America. Matter of fact, it was Unions and Organized labor that were the biggest enemies to the Nazi and are to the Ron Paul’s of this present day. Organized labor demanded fair pay and safe work conditions and other worker benefits. The Tea Party and Libertarian demand no minimum wage, no regulation, and desire a desperate under educated demoralized worker.

All the mindless sheep followers of the Tea Party and Libertarians are is the Aryan Nazi of yesteryear. The Koch Brothers, and others like them, with their Americans for Prosperity, Citizen United, Cato Institute, all born from the John Birch Society genre, who have systematically distorted the real facts, and replaced them with lies for decades now.

They abolish the truth by attacking it. They claim its one big government scheme to take your rights away. Then they create a false truth. Then tell you what you hear on traditional historical mainstream media and other educational sources is propaganda. The old ” bait and switch.” Its ” Big Brother,” coming to get you. Conspiracy, to hide the truth, planned lies to confuse and deceive us all.

There has been a game-plan with a playbook for decades, now.

This game-plan and subsequent playbook is their way of brainwashing people. To incite, paranoid suspicion, and cause people to lose faith in traditional scientifically well established academia. Their goal is to get you to question long-held views and realities. All, which have been drawn from easily verifiable accurate authorities in news, science and history.

The Tea Party and Libertarians are anti-intellectuals.

Hitler, hated mainstream established knowledge,science, public funded schools and institutes of higher learning. He calmed they were bastions of Liberals, Communist, Zionist and Socialist. Hilter, riled the German people with speeches of hate and lies that these groups were spies trying to deceive the good Aryan German. Does this not sound familiar in modern-day America.

The Tea Party and their Libertarian counterparts have a similar hatred of historical record and facts. They highly question reality and facts. Scientist question reality by using inductive reasoning. But the Tea Party and Libertarians use deductive reasoning. This type of reasoning is surely not intellectual nor science in any manner. These organization run on gut feelings based on misguided indoctrination, false assumptions, and faith in preconceived notions no matter their validity or not.

In Nazi Germany, the cost of higher education became so expensive that attendance to these colleges and universities fell some 50%.

One of the bigger topics, in present day America, is the high cost and the coinciding debt that is associated with getting a good education today. What better way to brainwash people with conspiracies, than to keep people dumb and too poor to be able to get an affordable public education. Then hammer away in their Koch Brothers media echo chambers that getting a great education from public schools and universities is not needed anyway cause there nothing more than enclaves of Socialism.

In this writers viewpoint, the real conspiracy is the far-rights push against getting a college education and anti-intellectualism. Just last election cycle we saw this from radical presidential candidate Rick Santorum a Tea Party type of guy.


Just like Joseph Goebbels, who headed the Nazi propaganda machine present day pundits like Alex Jones,?Sean Hannity,?Glenn Beck, and politicians like Ron Paul?are making the same claims today as did Goebbels did in Nazi Germany. They claim that the two-party system is broken and, in fact, a scam. They even claim that traditional Republicans are not far-right enough for them and that all Democrats are nothing more than liberal socialist. Just like the Nazi, they hate any government-run or funded anything (except the military of course).

The Tea Party and Libertarians hate government, they claim the IRS, welfare, regulations, taxes and the Federal Reserve and Keynesian economics?are nothing more than socialist, communist plots. Fear-mongering is their order of the day and the base of their playbook. This is where all claims by these radical far-right groups of valuing freedom of speech, freedom of expression, equality and other liberties they defend and fight for fall apart when put under a close study. When you inductively and rationally examine their ideology, economics, and theories, you find a huge disconnect with what these do in practice.

In fact, in most cases, they inhibit and weaken and destroy these very liberties and freedoms. In this election year, there will be much debate on which direction America should take and this writer would suggest to examine the issues look inside your motivations and why you think as you do and make an honest evaluation on how you came to that view and most importantly participate because there are factions who do not want you to and are spending huge sums of money to discourage you for doing so. What we are seeing in practice ?from the Tea Party, Libertarians, and the radical far-right Koch Brothers funded think tanks, is the repackaging of the Facist?playbook.


Edited/Published by: SB