Partially Naked HS Principal Arrested For Smoking Weed, Possibly Making Love With High School Student

KristaAge is just a number and reputation is just a burden, especially when it has to do something with carnal fantasies, marijuana, and a high school student.

45-year-old Krista Mortan, principal of a high school in Florida, is having a tough time with the police. The crime- she was smoking marijuana in a car. The bad- she was partially naked. The ugly- she was with a?high school student from her school and was possibly having sex with him, according to the complainant.

The incident was discovered by North Palm Beach Authorities when a caller informed 911 that he heard a couple making love or fighting in a car. When an officer knocked the car’s window, Krista opened it and explained that the 18-year-old high school student?was just a friend she met on the roadside and brought him inside since she was feeling lonely. However, the young boy confessed that he was a student at Mavericks High School and Mortan was his principal.

The officer said both of them smelled of marijuana and he found a plastic container containing marijuana in the car. The lady said that marijuana had been smoked but didn’t agree that she had been smoking it.

As of present, both are in loop for possessing the drug. Mortan has been released while the high school student?needs to pay $1,000 in bail. Just wonder if his parents would ever forgive him for the act or if he would be able to save himself from becoming a laughingstock in school.

This isn’t the first incident of its kind. Two teachers of Destrehan High were arrested for inappropriate sexual contact with a 16-year-old high school student?last year when the child was bragging about his achievement and the news leaked to the police department. We have a compilation of a few more cases here.

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