Brain Injury Alert: 15 Of The Most WTF Moments Ever Seen On Fox News

Fox News. Those are two words that are sure to get a reaction from any liberal. The range of reactions can range from anger to amusement. But the most common reaction to Fox News from liberals is “WTF?”

Someone had put together 15 WTF Fox News moments that might make you go and seek treatment for a brain injury after watching it. These moments include homophobia, sexism, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, lots of fear mongering, and of course generous heaping helpings of? pure down home cooked crazy thanks to our friend Glenn Beck.

Fox News continues to dominate as the #1 news station in America. America also continues to decline on just about every measurable intellectual benchmark. Is this coincidence?

Many liberals know that Fox News gives injury to intelligence and reason, and while many liberals may get a good laugh from watching this video, here is something to keep in mind: many people who watch Fox News take their “reporting” and “commentary” very seriously.

A lot of those people are decision makers who have taken this country into some very dark and dangerous times; they continue to ignore the anger and frustration of the working poor. Some believe the pot will boil over one day, and things like Fox News just make the pot hotter each passing year.

Here is the video without commentary.

Here is a version with commentary.