Rachel Dolezal Has A $50K Skin Flick Offer

Who says she doesn’t have a job? Along with a job, she might get a helluva lot?of real fans who will love her despite?her ongoing personal?controversy. Rachel Dolezal has been offered $50,000 by Dogfart Network to perform 4 scenes for their premier site- a site for the discriminating individual “who loves black women” (we’re prohibited from linking to it- you’ll have to try Google).?A Dogfart representative said:

?We here at Dogfart feel that it is extremely unfair how Rachel Dolezal has been treated. She is a transracial woman who has worked extremely hard to achieve her level of success. She identifies as black just like Bruce Jenner identifies as Caitlyn Jenner; however, Jenner’s transition has been accepted with open arms; some even calling her a hero for the trans movement.?

Rachel Dolezal. Photo Courtesy: http://www.awesomelyluvvie.com

He added that they pity that she is unemployed and since she deserves it, they are offering her the $50k contract. He concluded:

?Now that Dolezal is out of work, we would like to offer her a $50,000 contract to perform in four separate scenes for four of our different sites. She will be given creative control and get to choose the talent she works with. We hope she seriously considers this offer.

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