12 Billboards We Don’t Want To See While Driving

Face it, billboards are a fact of modern life. We see them each and every day along just about every road we travel.
I still recall when I was a kid and we were taking a vacation to see some relatives in Indiana. Along the way, every few miles, my brother and I saw endless billboards for Rock City. We saw so many of them and they got us so worked up that my dad had to stop in Rock City so we could experience it.

But trust me, you don’t want to see the twelve billboards pictured below when you’re going somewhere. These are just terrible!

The Asian Cure



Asian and don’t want to be? WTF?! What is wrong with being Asian? Notice this is courtesy of some church. Still, how offensive can you possibly be?

Steven, You’re In So Much Trouble



How’d you like to be Steven? Now the whole world knows all about him. And I mean all about him.

Want To Take A Vacation Here?


Big Dick’s and Minnow Shot in the same billboard? Write your own joke. I’m far too busy laughing.

For True Love Only


Doesn’t this go without saying?

Spelling Lessons Not Included


Only 15 things? Well, would one of them happen to be a class in spelling?

What Are You Looking At?


Did the church have to pay extra to get this placement? This is an example of that whole good vs. evil dichotomy thing they taught us about in Sunday school.

Not For Vegans


I’m guessing they serve anything with a hoof. But veggies will probably cost extra.

Let Him Without Sin Cast The First Stone


This should probably be the motto for every crooked politician who ever sought office. At least a criminal knows he’s gonna get a decent defense from this guy.

Yeah, Obviously


Never have truer words been written. Also, the cap on Mr.?Happy?Crack is a nice touch, don’t you think?

An Ounce Of Prevention…


One question: How many people crashed their cars when they did a double-take on this billboard?

Still Hungry?


Mom, can we go back to the house? I just lost my appetite.

How Did They Miss This?


You’ve heard of ‘subliminal seduction” in advertising? This is not an example of that.

h/t BrainJet