Video : Ralkina Jones’ Words Hours Before Her Death – “I Don’t Want to Die In Your Cell”

Ralkina Jones. Photo Courtesy:

Thirty-seven-year-old Ralkina Jones would have been alive today had the police been more conscious to her medical needs were well described the day before (15 hours prior to her death to be precise). Check out the video below:

Jones seemed to be aware that she would not survive because the video shows her discussing her medical needs and her concern.

“I’m not asking for any exception to any rules, but I will tell you this: I don’t want to die in your cell,”

However, police dismissed the information given to them by Jones. A few hours later, a medical officer examined her for lethargy and ultimately discharged her. That was about 10:40 pm. She was found dead in her cell the next morning.

Ralkina was arrested on charges of assault, domestic violence and child endangerment after a quarrel with her husband. However, she remained calm while interacting with officers at the jail.

Jones explained her need for the ADHD medicine Adderall,  the sedative Xanax and Gabapentin for epilepsy well in advance. She was suffering from a heart disorder and was on treatment for concussions.

Missing a dose of Adderall can result in withdrawal symptoms including sleep disturbances, anxiety, irritability, panic attacks, lack of energy, fatigue. Depending on dependency, missing a dose of Xanax can cause your body to react violently. Symptoms include confusion, dizziness, heart palpitations, panic attacks, seizures, and more. Keep in mind she stated she suffered from epilepsy.

Her sister said:

“Someone’s going to answer to it. If not, everyone’s going to answer to it, because you can’t just do this she was a human. She was a mother, a sister, a daughter, a cousin, a great mother, a great sister. She wasn’t supposed to die in no jail her first time going to jail.”

Jones isn’t the only black woman who was found dead in police custody. Five black women have died in police custody in the last two weeks of July. This triggered the campaign #IfIDieInPoliceCustody on Twitter.

You can watch the video below.

h/t: Raw Story.

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