Right Wing Nutjob ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Asks Judge To Deport Him To…Heaven

Kevin Ramey: Image Via Facebook

Kevin Ramey lives in Alaska and is one of these folks you’ve no doubt heard about who considers himself to be a “sovereign citizen,” meaning he doesn’t think he has to obey the laws of the state or the country he is a resident of.

Ramey was arraigned in court last week for failure to show up for a hearing regarding over $84,000 in child support that he has failed to pay. Criminal nonsupport charges are automatically upgraded to a felony if the amount of unpaid support exceeds $20,000 or if payments have not been made for at least two years.

Judge Patricia Douglas, of Dillingham Superior Court, asked Ramey if he fully understood the charges against him, and the courtroom erupted in laughter when Ramey replied:

“It says if you’re not a U.S. citizen you could be deported. I know I have three citizenships: No. 1, in heaven, No. 2, in America, No. 3, in California — and that my primary citizenship, is of course, in heaven. So I was kind of wondering, are you guys going to deport me to heaven?”

Judge Douglas did not comply with Ramey’s wishes to be deported to heaven, and instead set bond at $1,000.

Ramey is the head of a sovereign citizens group called Sui Juris Court Angels, which he claims is a civil rights group. In actuality, it is just a cover for those who are too sorry to pay their taxes or obey the law of the land.

On a LinkedIn profile Ramey has set up, he states:

“I help the laymen at law for free in forums of record and always will be. Know Your Rights, Protect Your Rights!!!”

Ramey, who goes by the name “Birdman” on YouTube, has posted a series of bizarre videos online in which he rants about things he considers to be a violation of his rights.

For now, Birdman Raney is cooling his heels at the Dillingham jail, and it does not appear he will be flying free anytime soon. Heaven, it seems, will have to wait for Kevin Ramey.

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