Larry David Is Hilariously AWESOME As Bernie Sanders On ‘SNL’ (VIDEO)

What a treat! “Saturday Night Live” took on the Democratic debate and it was very awesome! Legendary actors Alec Baldwin and Larry David joined the cast to play Jim Webb and Senator Sanders, respectively, but it was David’s impression that stole the night.

Larry David has been trending on Twitter, and for good reason. His performance as Senator Sanders was magnificent! He had the signature mannerisms down and made Bernie look just the right amount of passionate mixed with crazy. The talented Kate McKinnon,¬†who has been playing Hillary since Amy Poehler’s departure, was back in action for the debate. “O’Malley” was there too, but his character wasn’t really funny, and there was some guy playing Lincoln Chafee, but that was really irrelevant. Sorry.

The impressions were funny, from David making Sanders look a wee-bit nuts, but “cool,” to McKinnon making Hillary out to be somewhat calculating but also funny and in control. Alec did a GREAT job mimicking the tough exterior of Jim Webb and making fun of his complaints regarding time.

The overall theme was quite pro-Hillary, in my view, making her look like the obvious choice. The sketch actually ended with “Bernie” saying he looks forward to November and being Hillary’s VP. Aside from David’s masterpiece, one of the funnier moments came when they took on the famous “no” from Hillary in response to Chafee at the debate. Instead of simply saying no, “Hillary” took out a cigarette, lounged on the podium, said no, and threw the cigarette in the audience. I was near tears from laughing so much.

Overall, this was an awesome sketch and I look forward to more this election season, and definitely more Larry David!

Watch the video here:

Featured image by video screen capture, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

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