WATCH-Brutal Assault of Female Student By SC Deputy

A HORRENDOUS video has surfaced out of Columbia, SC. According to activist Shaun King’s Facebook. The officer is Ben Fields. A video from inside the classroom catches the outrageous assault of a female student by Fields. The altercation is a clear illustration of excessive use of force. It is also sad to see how numb everyone seems to be to this type of behavior. Watch the video here:

Concerned individuals and organizations are trying to spread the video so everyone can see the realities of police brutality. We have seen a TON of egregious violations of training and downright inhumanity, but this violence taking place INSIDE a school is totally unacceptable.

Also according to Shaun King, this took place at Spring Valley High in Columbia. Please contact the school to complain. You can also contact the Sheriff at: [email protected] or 803-576-3000.

Apparently, a student refused to leave. But we saw the video. That was totally unnecessary. The Superintendent says that he is “deeply concerned” and an investigation is pending. The Sheriff  is allegedly “disturbed” as well. The officer has been placed on administrative leave.

Let’s be clear: nothing the student did on the video justified the actions taken. So please spread this video around so everyone can understand the violence being perpetrated by police officers. This is NOT something black lives matter and other racial justice advocates are just fabricating!

Someone should send this video to Governor Chris Christie who wants to degrade Black Lives Matter. EVERY idiot politician and pundit (and regular person honestly) who doesn’t see this as a crisis is moronic and dangerous. This cannot and will not continue! WE WILL SEEK JUSTICE!

Main image is a screen grab from Youtube.


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