Little Boy Says Women Are ‘Too Girly’ To Be President, Then Hillary Walks In (Video)

Image Via YouTube

Comedian and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel recently set up a focus group dedicated to the 2016 Presidential election, but instead of using adults, Kimmel invited young boys and girls to discuss whether or not a woman can be President of the United States. Most of the boys were skeptical, with one commenting:

“I think women are not presidents.”

To which another boy named Jayden remarked:

“They’re too girly. They’ll make, like, girl rules.”

Girl rules? Like what? Jayden again speaks up:

“Free makeup in the world.”

Another little boy says he thinks a female President would probably try to remake the White House:

“They’ll decorate and make it all girly. They might even paint it pink.”

And then Hillary Clinton walked into the room. And she made the case that a woman can indeed be President. And she should be that woman.

One of the kids suggested that when Clinton becomes the first female President, she should mandate “free food in restaurants.” The former Secretary of State and Democratic frontrunner made a note of that in her handy notebook. Another advocated for free toys and no school. To which Clinton replied, How would you ever learn anything if there was no school? And she also assured the boys in the focus group:

“I had two brothers. I kind of get all of this.”

As the father of a girl, I feel a need to weigh in on this issue. Can a woman be President of the United States? Yes, of course she can.

And I don’t mind if she paints the White House pink. We can just change the name.

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