You’re Not Strong Donald Trump, You’re Racist



Everyone remembers the downfall of Paula Deen in 2013 when she was exposed for using racist comments as well as making a group of Black waitresses dress like slaves for a “Southern” themed wedding. The fall from grace gained national attention while the famous television chef lost many different endorsements. Paula Deen admitted to using the N-word and went on to say that:

“Things have changed since the ’60s in the south.”

But have they?

Fast-forward two years to December 7th, 2015. Donald Trump is giving a speech on the USS Yorktown in Charleston, S.Car. After being introduced as “The Next President of the United States,” Donald Trump came out and started his speech by reminding everyone of his poll numbers. After wasting time on that, Mr. Trump continued to speak obnoxiously about subjects including ISIS, Jeb Bush, and how our country is going down the toilet.

There was one issue, though, that Donald Trump talked about that had the whole nation rebuking him and his ideals.

Earlier that morning, the Trump campaign released their ideas to ban all Muslims from entering the United States:

“And I wrote something today that I think is very important and probably not politically correct, but I don’t care,”

This sentiment came with an incredible amount of applause and cheering from those in the room. That’s what is wrong with Donald Trump. He doesn’t care. He only cares about himself and his wealth.

The question is: How can a celebrity fall hard by saying racist comments but Donald Trump continues to rise with his constant verbal diarrhea of hatred toward Muslims? According to the most recent poll, Donald Trump has risen to take a 20 point lead over his next rival, Ben Carson. The question is why?

The Answer: Ignorance

Having been “born and raised” in the Low Country of South Carolina, I can attest that Mr. Trump is speaking to the deep-seeded racism that never left the state. Instead of getting to know those from different religions and cultures, many South Carolinians would rather alienate them and treat them as a threat. Donald Trump’s ridiculous rhetoric speaks to the heart of this institutional racism, which is why he continues to rise in the state.

Whereas any celebrity would be crucified for the comments Mr. Trump is making, the people of the Palmetto State embrace him with open arms. If you don’t know, understand, or appreciate differences in religion, it’s easy to vilify that population. South Carolina’s Muslim population is below 15,000, but if you listen to Donald Trump, they are the number one enemy. South Carolinians, and I know because I was one for most of my life, would rather believe the lie than admit their faults. If my southern brothers and sisters actually took the time to get to know their Muslim neighbors, instead of “Blessing their hearts,” they might actually realize that they are great people who are contributing a lot to the state and the nation.

It saddens me to see such a great state be led like sheep to the slaughter. They are being bamboozled and taken for a fool. South Carolina, please wake up. It’s time to admit the deeply instilled racism and work toward a day that it is no more. Whether it is African Americans or Muslims, race or religion, everyone has something good to offer. Please do not let a few bad apples, or Donald Trump, make you think any different.

About halfway through his speech Donald Trump said:

“We have to be strong and we have to be vigilant,”

You’re right Mr. Trump, we do have to be strong and that means actually learning the facts before spewing hateful ideologies. When it comes to being vigilant toward those that are trying to destroy our country, the threat isn’t the Muslim population, the threat is loud-mouthed and racist politicians like you, Donald.


Featured image is a screen grab from a video.