Can Life-Like Child ‘Sex Dolls’ Stop Pedophiles From Committing Crimes?

Well this is disturbing to say the least. A company has started creating child sex dolls in order for pedophiles to control their urges and possibly keep them from committing crimes.

The head of said company, Shin Takagi, is himself a person who claims to be sexually attracted to children. He claims the dolls may be a valuable tool in fighting against pedophilia.

Shin Takagi’s company, Trottla, currently produces life sized sex dolls in various costumes and uniforms from ages as young as five.

He said: “We should accept that there is no way to change someone’s fetishes:

“I am helping people express their desires, legally and ethically. It’s not worth living if you have to live with repressed desire.”

Even if said desire is perverted and wholly unethical? There are currently treatments for pedophiles, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and chemical castration, along with other interventions intended to suppress their urges.

However, despite their wide use, studies have shown that these methods do not change the pedophile’s basic sexual orientation towards children. Will that also include the use of child dolls to satiate pedophiles’ desire for under age sex? It remains to be seen…

Takagi himself claims that he receives letters from clients writing to thank him for his products:

“I often receive letters from buyers. The letters often read ‘Thanks to your dolls, I can keep from committing crimes.'”

He stated that his clients include celebrities, school teachers and doctors.

A leading sexual psychologist from the University of Toronto claims there are two types of pedophile:

“For some, access to artificial child pornography or to child sex dolls could be a safer outlet for their sexual urges, reducing the likelihood that they would seek out child pornography or sex with real children.”

“For others, having these substitutes might only aggravate their sense of frustration.”

On the one hand it’s a different way of attempting to tackle pedophilia. On the other hand, some people have the urge to rob and steal. Should we start setting up fake banks so that they can satiate their urge to steal by pulling off grand heists and stealing large sums of admittedly fake money?

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