Great News, Ladies! No More Taxes On Your Period

Yes, ladies: you can finally buy tampons and pads in Chicago without paying extra fees. Chicago (among other places) has had a luxury tax on these items for years. Currently, the sales tax on them is 10.25%. I guess avoiding bleeding on ourselves is a luxury? This is part of a growing movement to end these silly taxes.

Over 40 states put taxes on these products. Some have categorized this as a “luxury tax;” which is usually meant for non-essential items. Sometimes it is even called a “sin tax.” Seriously, lawmakers?! Our bodily functions are not a “sin!” At least they haven’t put extra taxes on chocolate; which, is arguably an essential tool for getting through your period.

Yes, anyone that owns a uterus pays extra money for something they can’t help. Trust me, many of us wish we didn’t become crampy and/or hormonal every month, but we have to deal with it. While some states have gotten rid of these taxes, Utah voted last month to keep their tampon tax in place (No surprise there).

New York City has started a program to provide free pads and tampons via dispensers in public school bathrooms. It is doing this in some of the poorer districts of the city like Brooklyn and Queens. Not too many teenagers can afford $60 in pads and tampons each year, although many schools provide pads and tampons in the nurse’s office. The dispensers will help provide anonymity, so girls don’t have to be seen getting them if they don’t want to.

Even President Obama has weighed in on this topic saying “men were making the laws” when these taxes were put into place.

Women (and men) have taken to the internet to vent their opinions on this “luxury” tax in hilarious ways. Gotta love the internet:

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