CHILLBUMPS: People Sang ‘Amazing Grace’ To Drown Out Anti-Gay Protesters At Orlando Funerals

I’m sure we all knew this was coming. The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is known for protesting funerals with their “God Hates Fags” signs. Of course they would protest at the funerals of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. There were far too many cameras and members of the media present at the funerals of these victims for Westboro to miss the opportunity for attention.

At the same time, there was a very special anti-protest going on. Three organizations have teamed up to provide linen angel costumes for actors to wear at the counter-protest: “American Theatre,” the “Orlando Shakespeare Theater,” and the Angel Action Wings Project. A group of actors wore massive angel wings and stood together to block a 40-person group from Westboro Baptist’s hatred.

The counter-protesters wore their angel costumes proudly and sang “Amazing Grace” to the WBC a**holes on the other side of the street. Eventually, the 40-person WBC group left.

These are just a taste of the disgusting things that the WBC is tweeting in the aftermath of this shooting:

They say God hates the murderer Omar Mateen right after saying that God sent him to kill those innocent people. If you are going to be this hateful, at least make up your mind about it.

These are the angels who stood up for what is right:

Luckily, there was one preacher that came out against the WBC and their views. Despite the fact that he is against the “LGBT agenda” and falsely says they are threatening his freedom of speech, he still is better than the WBC:

“I have real problems with the LGBT agenda, especially as it has threatened our freedom of speech and freedom of religion, but I pray to have the courage to risk my life to save any gay person if they were ever attacked in a place where I could do something about it. I would do this because our Savior has already laid down His life for them, and I pray that every one of them comes to the knowledge of how much He loves them to have done this.”

Here is the beautiful video of these people singing “Amazing Grace” against the WBC:

The Orlando Police Department tweeted this thanks to the counter-protesters. It is nice to see love drown out all of the hate.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube

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