Alec Baldwin Has Big League And ‘Unpresidented’ Plans For Trump On ‘SNL’ (TWEETS)

One thing that will make a Donald Trump presidency at least somewhat bearable is that “Saturday Night Live” won’t lack for material over the next few years. The gang at ‘SNL’ epically trolled the Donald for the entire campaign, and hasn’t let up one inch since Trump’s upset victory. This week’s edition will be no exception. On Saturday, Alec Baldwin, who has sent up the Donald four times so far with staggering and epic accuracy, announced that he’s coming back for a fifth time.

Baldwin’s previous four appearances have already garnered him a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Guest Performance in a Comedy Series. But the strongest confirmation of how good a job Baldwin did comes from Trump himself.  Every Baldwin/Trump appearance on ‘SNL’ has been followed by an angry tweet from the Donald. Ironically, Baldwin’s last appearance two weeks ago mocked Trump for his seeming inability to put his phone down and stop tweeting.

Baldwin has promised to stop mocking Trump if Trump releases his tax returns. Well, it’s been two weeks since Baldwin/Trump last appeared on ‘SNL,’ and still no returns. On Saturday morning, Baldwin took to his foundation’s Twitter account for what looked like a garden-variety attempt to rattle Trump’s cage. He started out by retweeting John Fugelsang’s mocking of Trump for his typo-laden tweets from this week.

Then Baldwin chimed in with a seemingly unrelated tweet of his own.

And then, the payoff …

And just in case anyone thought Baldwin was kidding, he tweeted a picture of himself as Trump–backstage, in full makeup.

If the previous four appearances on ‘SNL’ have been any indication, this fifth one is definitely going to be worth watching live, rather than on DVR, Hulu, or YouTube.

Trump has spent the weekend on his self-aggrandizing “Thank You Tour”–with stops in Orlando on Friday and Mobile on Saturday. As I write this, Trump hasn’t responded at all to the news that he’s about to get trolled again. Well, Donald, you can’t say that Alec didn’t warn you. Hopefully this performance will lock up an Emmy–even if it gets under Trump’s skin.

(screenshot courtesy NBC)

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