Publisher Of Milo Yiannopoulos’ Book ‘Dangerous’ Responds To Backlash (VIDEO)

Breitbart Technology editor, professional troll, and well known provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos, has a new book called Dangerous, and it has positioned itself as an Amazon Best Seller in spite of it not actually being available until March of 2017.

Yiannopoulos etched a career out of the social media sphere, with his body of work consisting of attending colleges around the country, bemoaning Black Lives Matter, feminism, and any organized effort to protect a group’s social well-being.

Twitter banned Yiannopoulos for hate speech after orchestrating a racist attack towards Leslie Jones, a Black actress.

Yiannopoulos secured a book deal with publisher Simon & Schuster reportedly worth $250,000, with many people being outraged with the partnership. Sarah Silverman publicly opposed the partnership, with authors currently partnered with Simon & Schuster also showcasing their objection.

Dangerous is a Top Seller in the “Political Humor” category on the Amazon website.

Why The Outrage?

The outrage is mainly founded on the notion that giving Yiannopoulos a book deal is a way of consigning his vitriol, normalizing all of the social ills that he represents.

Yiannopoulos has the freedom of speech, and he has the right to let his bigotry flow – rewarding it with a quarter million dollar book deal is counterproductive, and normalizes Yiannopoulos,

Simon And Schuster Responds To The Backlash

On a now deleted Twitter post, Simon & Schuster denounced the perceived allegiance to hate speech, saying that the publication house has “always published books by a wide range of authors with greatly varying, and frequently controversial opinions.” They’ve emphasized that the opinions of authors are they own – and that they do not represent any opinions by the publishing identity or their employees.

Dangerous is being viewed with skepticism for some, since he has hired more than 40 interns to do the bulk of the research and writing of his literary work, including his published articles on the Breitbart website.

Are Simon & Schuster simply the middle man? Do they deserve this backlash?

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