Scientists Form PAC To Defend Against Trump’s Assault On Science (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump is a not fan of science. He thinks climate change is a hoax made up by the Chinese. One of Trump’s advisors said that Ivanka is working on that, so I guess we’re safe. Trump is also skeptic about vaccines, and he doesn’t believe in evolution.

One of his first acts as president was to silence the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They are not allowed to post on social media at all.

A group of scientists has created a new political action committee (PAC), 314 Action, to raise money for any scientists who want to run for office. They named themselves 314 after the first 3 digits of the number pi because:

“Pi is everywhere. It’s the most widely known mathematical ratio both inside and out of the scientific community. It is used in virtually everything we encounter in our daily lives.”

They wish to strengthen communication with the scientific community and educate the public about scientific issues.

Shaughnessy Naughton, chemist and founder of 314 Action, said:

“A lot of scientists traditionally feel that science is above politics but we’re seeing that politics is not above getting involved in science. We’re losing, and the only way to stop that is to get more people with scientific backgrounds at the table.”

Some scientists are worried that a Trump administration will hurt them and their work.

Not only do they acknowledge climate change, but they want to promote science education, reduce gun violence, find renewable energy sources, and more.

Science education is important to our future. The next generation needs to be schooled in science to fix what President Donald Trump is likely going to screw up. We need to be ready for mega storms and waves. We absolutely need to find solutions to gun violence. Republicans just want to stick their heads in the sand and ignore it.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot

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